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Environmentally Friendly Disposable Plates and Cutlery

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About Us
About Us

Urban Global Taste LLP

Urban Global Taste LLP is one of the well-known Indian Manufacturing and Exporting organisation based in Jaipur, Rajasthan and is engaged in offering of a wide range of Natural Tableware and Wooden Cutlery. Our range is widely appreciated in the market for being eco-friendly and hygienic.

Our Team collectively make conscious decisions to identify and build such products which are not just better in quality but also sustainable to our beloved Nature.


We have a vision to emerge as a socially responsible leading brand in the field of sustainable and Eco-friendly products in the global market.

Be it your dinner space or a personal hygiene space, we want to be there in every sphere of your life to present you with innovative and environment friendly products. And yes we will keep spreading to every domain of your life and imbibe green habits inside you. Thank us later!!!

About Areca Plates

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Urban Global Taste, where we transform dining into an experience that nurtures not just our bodies but also our planet. As an innovative enterprise, we've tapped into the beauty of nature and age-old traditions to present a unique range of sustainable disposable Plates and Bamboo Cutlery.

Our journey began with a deep-rooted commitment to environmental responsibility. Inspired by this vision, we have curated a collection of tableware that seamlessly marries sustainability, style, and practicality. Crafted from naturally fallen Areca Palm leaves, our fancy and strong disposable Plates are an answer to the global call for green alternatives.

Our strength lies in more than just our products. As an organization, we are driven by a holistic approach to sustainability. We have cultivated strong partnerships with manufacturers worldwide, prioritizing eco-friendly practices at every step of the supply chain.

Manufacturing process

The disposable leaf plates are made with leaves/sheath of betel-nut tree, a palm family which is a renewable source. Hence no trees are cut for manufacturing these products. The betel-nut trees are grown in hilly areas without any assistance of fertilizers and hence there will not be any trace of pesticides in the leaves.

The sheath which primarily protects the betel-nut in the tree falls naturally once it is dried. The fallen leaves are collected fresh from the farm and stored properly. These leaves are cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing the plates. There are no chemicals/additives used in any of the process.

quality concern

Quality Concern

Urban Global Taste believe in delivering the best quality products every time to each of our customers. Hence, we produce the premium products using the best quality areca leaf that are procured from trusted suppliers. Also, the final products undergo stringent quality test before we dispatch them to the clients.

Quality Assurance

The Quality of the product is monitored throughout the entire process and ensured that only good products are passing through the final stages and reach the Customer.

Filtering occurs during:

  • 1. Leaf Selection
  • 2. Washing
  • 3. Before & After Pressing
  • 4. Trimming
  • 5. Packing
  • 6. Before Delivery

Areca leaf products are safe in all Microbiological Testing (like Plate count within acceptable limit for food contact, No Presence of E-Coli, and no presence of Fungus). The products do not contain any heavy metal which is confirmed through laboratory test for each consignment. Additionally, our products pass successfully the Compostable Testing.

8 Steps

Creation Of Palm Dinnerware


Areca Leaf Tableware

At Urban Global Taste, we present a comprehensive line of biodegradable wooden plates, bowls, wooden cutlery and dinnerware. Each piece is not just a tool for serving food but a testament to our mission of promoting conscious consumption. Stylish and sturdy, they cater to a variety of occasions - from intimate home gatherings to grand celebrations, offering an eco-friendly touch to every event. There are many variations of the ecofriendly Tableware that we offer. Ranging from small to large, circular to square, decent to stylish, we have got you covered for any occasion.

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Our Team of Urban Global Taste, Divita Agarwal

Divita Agarwal


A true Greenpreneur, Divita Agarwal has an undying determination to remove the plastic waste and strives to create a sustainable society with environment-friendly solutions which can be proved as a driver to plastic free green mother earth. An alumna of NMIMS, she has incorporated unique styles of eco-conscious tableware that looks elite and is fully biodegradable.

Our Team of Urban Global Taste, CA Niraj Jain

CA Niraj Jain


A CA by profession, Niraj believes in alignment of eco-conscious ideas with the right strategic decisions for the betterment of the company's financial well-being. Being a multi-tasker, he has a strong business acumen and looks after the marketing, financial and product development aspects of the organization.


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